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Feathered Paddle Wealth Partners

Fully Embrace Your Life
By Finding Financial Clarity

Learn About the Feathered Paddle Way

Welcome to Feathered Paddle Wealth Partners. We are the first female-founded, fee-only independent financial planning and wealth management practice in St. Paul, MN.

When the details of your wealth are taken care of, being present for your every life moment is easier. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping successful women like you reach financial freedom — and experience even more joy.

Tailored Financial Guidance for Women & Their Families


With ongoing support and clear communication, you’ll have the reassurance and guidance necessary to keep you on track to and through retirement.


Through an educational approach, you’ll develop a strong foundation to feel confident in making informed decisions on your financial journey.


The financial path you choose is the one that will flourish. By understanding your unique hopes, we’ll work to create a personalized plan that reflects your goals and values.


As a fee-only firm, compensation comes directly from you. We do not and cannot accept any commissions or kickbacks from selling products.


Your best interest is the foundation of our approach. We are a fiduciary firm, meaning every decision and move is made with your well-being in mind. 

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Cherish Your Every Day

By Journeying With Us Through Life’s Shifting Waters

Harnessing the Power
of the Feathered Paddle Is Our Difference

Just as waters can be ever-changing, your financial life can feel uncertain as well.

That’s where the feathered paddle comes in.

The blades on a feathered kayak paddle are offset, meaning the blade out of the water slices through the air, rather than being broadside in the wind. When kayaking, the paddle enables smooth and efficient gliding for those in the kayak.

Similar to this powerful paddle, women in various chapters of their life collaborate with us as their financial confidant — rather than confronting the unpredictable economic waters on their own.

Helping You Enjoy the Ride by Simplifying Your Financial Life

With extensive experience and expertise in financial planning and investment management, Feathered Paddle Wealth Partners’ goal is to clarify your financial future, all the way through your post-career golden years. Our commitment is to uplift you from uncertainty regarding your financial health — and reinvigorate your ability to focus on the aspects of your life that you enjoy.

Curious Where This Metaphor Came From?

Learn More

Ellen Fee, CFP® Photo

Ellen Fee, CFP®


I was introduced to sea kayaking as a camper at Camp Manito-Wish in the northwoods of Wisconsin. One of the skills I was taught as a camper, and later taught my own campers as a trip leader, was the importance of having a feathered paddle. When paddling a sea kayak for miles every day, day after day, having a feathered paddle allowed us to get where we wanted to go more efficiently. Most importantly, it allowed us to enjoy the journey.

Why I Became a Financial Planner 

I am passionate about educating my clients so they can make the best decisions for their finances. While I do provide guidance, the financial path that resonates with you is ultimately the one that will be successful, whether or not it’s the solution that maximizes your numbers. I prefer to work with you to help you optimize your goals rather than provide you with a plan that does not align with your vision and values. 

From a very young age, I was always a people person. At the same time, I was always drawn to numbers. In college, my double major in Economics and Family Studies reflected these two distinct parts of myself. At the time, this double major did not seem to make much sense. I was one of few women in my economics courses; on the other hand, I was part of the majority of women in my family studies courses, which included sociology, psychology, and more. This double major also didn't seem to lead to a clear career path. 

After college, I swung from one end of the pendulum to the other – looking into careers in which I could help people, then in distressed debt, investing at what became a hedge fund. By the time I found financial planning, I was relieved to find the intersection of my interests. After over a decade in the industry, I continue to thrive when I’m able to make a difference in someone’s life, and I aim to do this by helping others find a sense of confidence when it comes to their financial future.

If you’re wondering if we’re a good fit, get in touch.

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 Your Personal Sounding Board

To Align Your Wealth With Your Vision

Weaving Together Your Finances and Your Life

What is important to you?

What are your concerns?
What are your dreams?

Understanding where you are now and where you’d like to be is at the heart of our approach. Together, we’ll see what options are available, and we’ll create a plan that is customized to nourish your unique goals.

Over time, we’ll continually revisit your plan and make adjustments as necessary — the focus is always on creating a financial landscape to craft the kind of life you want for yourself and your family.

Our Financial Planning Services Include

Cash Flow Planning

This is the first and most important component of your plan. It’s possible for many to overspend, even with a seemingly endless financial pool, which is why lottery winners generally use up their sum fairly quickly. Together, we’ll make sure you have a healthy cash flow that will be the foundation of the rest of your plan.

Asset Protection

After cash flow, this is the second most essential part of your plan. Making sure that you have the necessary insurance is a crucial step in protecting your hard-earned assets against unforeseen circumstances.  

Tax Planning

Navigating taxes and understanding how they affect you and your wealth may feel complicated. By looking at your entire financial picture, we partner with you (and your CPA) to simplify the process and identify ways to increase tax efficiency. Together, we’ll make informed decisions for your short- and long-term financial health. 

Investment Management

When creating an investment portfolio, it can feel difficult to know where to begin. We'll walk you through all of your options, creating a strategy in alignment with your goals and your comfort level. Our philosophy is to invest for the long term while keeping costs low. You and your wealth will also be supported by a team of CFAs, keeping your strategies up to date with regard to the market and current events.

Social Security Optimization

Social Security may feel straightforward – you simply start collecting benefits as soon as you are retired. However, there are more strategies available to make the most of the wealth you’ve worked hard to earn. Together we’ll work to find the optimal solutions based on your circumstances.

Trust & Estate

When creating a trust and estate plan, there are many moving pieces to consider. We’ll discuss your assets and come up with a plan that resonates with what's important to you. Over time, we’ll revisit your plan to make sure you can leave the kind of legacy you wish.


If there are causes or organizations that are of deep importance to you, we’ll discuss all strategies so you can effectively gift wealth and assets in a tax-efficient manner — now and in the future. 

Interested in Collaborating Towards Your Financial Health?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from choosing to work with Feathered Paddle Wealth Partners?

You are most likely extremely smart and extremely busy – either with ongoing career demands, your family or both. You feel like you are smart enough to understand financial planning and to know what you need to do. However, the busy demands of your days prevent you from getting around to research and implementing strategies. Suddenly, that future that was so far out may be coming on faster than you realized, and you want to have the peace of mind that you are doing what you need to do in order to get where you want to go. This can happen easily in a retirement that you are enjoying, and it can also occur in the middle of your career, as you come to realize what you want to focus your time and energy on. It doesn’t require getting your own CFP® to stay on top of all of the changes in legislation, markets, investment choices, and tax planning. We're here to help out.

Our goal is to educate you on all options that make sense for your situation, so when you make a choice, you are consciously choosing your financial future – whatever that looks like. With that, our hope is that you are able to sleep at night, knowing that you made your decision with the best information that you had at the time.

Who is your typical client?

You are someone who is starting to ask, or worry in the middle of the night, if you’re on the right track financially. There is no typical age range – our clients range in age, from early-career individuals getting a jump start on their planning to those well into retirement. We enjoy working with a diverse group and have a sweet spot in working with women (and their families) who are taking charge of, entering into or enjoying their retirement.

Do I have to pay for the first meeting?

The purpose of our first meeting is to determine whether or not our expertise matches your needs and most importantly, to see if we are a good fit. The most important thing when choosing a financial advisor is finding someone who you are comfortable with and who you can trust – as money is a personal topic. This first meeting is free, and whether or not this is the best fit for you, we are confident that you will get value out of this initial conversation.

Fees: in other words, how do you get paid?

Feathered Paddle Wealth Partners is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm, which means that your fees are our only compensation; there are no commissions or kickbacks from products.

In ongoing investment management relationships, the assets under management fee is typically around 1% of your assets. This is generally what you can expect; that percentage declines as your assets grow.

If you are in the early stages of your career and savings or your assets are primarily through a retirement account at work, we can set up an arrangement other than paying the fee through your assets under management. Our minimum annual fee is $3,600.

Ultimately, the goal is for your fee to pay for itself and to get value that exceeds the fee in cash flow planning, risk management, retirement planning, tax planning and peace-of-mind estate planning.

Do I have to meet in person? Do you work with people outside of the Twin Cities?

We are happy to meet in person and enjoy the quality of interaction that happens in person. That said, Feathered Paddle Wealth Partners is set up so that we can easily meet virtually, so you do not have to add travel time to a meeting. Additionally, if you move across state lines, it’s easy to continue our working relationship (as several clients have done in the past).

What is the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation?

The CFP® is a voluntary certification; there is no federal or state law or regulation that requires financial advisors to hold it. It is recognized in the U.S. and a number of other countries for its high standard of professional education, stringent code of conduct and ethical requirements that govern professional engagement with clients.

What is a fiduciary, and are you one?

Yes. A fiduciary places the interests of the client above all else and is held to the highest standard of care. This is a key component of the CFP® certification.

What is your investment philosophy?

No one can time the markets consistently. Eventually, no one can keep up with consistently delivering returns that beat the market over the long term. Even if you can implement strategies that make sense in the short term, often the inception to date return does not add up against the benchmarks over the long term.

In general, you can expect returns commensurate with the market. Our team of CFAs provides us with research and information on portfolio construction, assessing asset allocation, underlying investments and mindful rebalancing. Ultimately, our goal is to make our investment process as clear and consistent as possible, so that you have the knowledge to be comfortable with your investments.

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